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1:1 Creative Coaching for Asian Womxn

​What is Creative Coaching for Asian Womxn?

Good question! But first, my story...


My life turned upside down after the unexpected loss of my father and my divorce. I always enjoyed writing, but I never pursued it. I figured I wasn't literary enough and my vocabulary was average. I found myself doing what others expected of me instead of aligning with myself. But given the recent drama in my life, I had so much to say about my childhood, culture, gender, and more! So I threw my hat in the ring.

I published my first essay three months after my divorce.

I was so glad I didn't doubt my creative power. Not only was I thrilled to be published, I realized that writing has healing powers.

As a child, I obeyed my elders and society because that's what I thought I needed to do. This taught me to not trust my feelings and intuition. Now, after all this time, I'm healing this inner child. So much of this related to my South Asian heritage and what my community expected of me. 

After I gave myself permission to put words on the page, I felt so empowered. Writing has taught me resilience. It has taught me the importance of building habits. And it helped me fall in love with the process instead of the goal. Needless to say, this bled into other parts of my life. I started healing in ways I didn't know possible. This was all because I gave myself a chance to grow with authenticity and vulnerability. Tapping into my creative power helped me start this process, and it continues to evolve in magnificent ways. So many Asian womxn have reached out to me because my story relates to their story.

Creative coaching is for Asian womxn who want to harness their creative power, and heal.

  • Are you afraid to take steps forward because you're afraid of what your family or community might think?

  • Is your passion something you're afraid to do because it feels too risky?

  • Do you have trouble knowing what you actually desire?

  • Are you looking for someone raw and vulnerable to help you discover a path forward?


My 1:1 coaching offering will empower you to begin creating and bring you back to your true inspired self. Do it for your inner child, she deserves it! During this time you will:

  • Identify your limiting belief.

  • Unearth your creative power.

  • Connect your creative self to your inner child.

  • Create intentions and goals to support your process.

  • Express your voice to the fullest.

  • Reflect upon the healing process.

  • Have support every step of the way.

During these three months, you will receive:

  • 1-hour coaching calls 2x a month

  • Goal tracking/project management support

  • Unlimited Voxer support


You can do it - just one step at a time.

This process of redefinition and clarity is a 3-month commitment with an investment of $749 (payment plans available). Book a FREE 30-minute discovery call with me. Let's chat to see if this works for you!

Developmental Editing

I offer developmental editing for essays and shorter memoir pieces. When I edit, I always focus on the themes, ideas, and general flow of a piece. I edit with compassion, but I will also let you know if something just isn't jiving. 

My rates are prorated based upon $50 for 1500 words. Feel free to reach out with any inquiries on the Contact Me page.