About Me

I write and edit essays, coach Asian womxn to step into their power, and I host a podcast called MigrAsians.

My greatest joys in life are connecting with others and learning. I write and speak with rawness and vulnerability. Feminism and anti-racism are central to my work. And I think the personal is professional.


Most of my strength comes from fear. Fear of failing, fear of what other people think, fear of not being enough, and fear of being too much.  

I channel my fear into my work so it can transform into resilience

I've had quite a circuitous professional life with about four-ish careers. Finding my one true passion has always been my life mission. But instead of really pursuing writing, I tried to find "legitimate" careers that I convinced myself I loved, even though I was still trying to be accepted by my parents and South Asian community. I have learned a lot in my different careers, but my true calling is writing and coaching. And because of my own experience, I coach Asian womxn to step away from imposter syndrome and define success on their own terms. We do not have to live up to the model minority myth. We have everything within us to step into our own power. I also will be talking about this on my upcoming podcast, MigrAsians! Sign up for my newsletter to get all the updates


With that being said, my careers have taught me valuable skills. I currently work as a librarian which has honed my research skills and love for storytelling. I've worked as a consultant, recruiter, speech therapist, and almost voice-over actor. This has all taught me about injustices within our everyday systems as well as peer and group counseling skills. I know how to identify gaps in information and thoughts, and I understand how to invite engagement through language and voice.

In my personal life, I am a divorced, South Asian American woman, Chicago-suburbia native, and Cali-loving transplant. My father passed away months before my marital separation, and these losses opened me up in ways I didn't know possible. I saw how I had been people-pleasing my way through life and that I could no longer live that way. I love sharing these realizations with others because it leads to healing.

I am constantly inspired by humanity -- its beauty and its glitches. I infuse the nuances of what I see, hear, and do into my writing with a pointed reflection of self-love, healing, and justice. 

Our identities and experiences affect what we choose to do and what we think we "should" be doing. The more I reflect upon this, the more I write about it. I have current  publications in The RumpusThe Times of India, Greatist, Ravishly, Everyday Feminism, and I contribute regularly to Medium. Read more of my work on the Writing page. 

I can't wait to connect with you through my writing, coaching, and podcast! Reach out to me on the Contact Me page!

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