"Nisha is a personable mentor who is funny and sweet. Her critiques are clear and on point, and she gives great recommendations on books and essays to read to help improve one's writing!"

Samantha Jean Sumampong, Writer

"Nisha’s professional perspective and speedy response times enabled me to look at my written language in a different way, helping me to simplify and communicate more effectively to engage my readers. I’d highly recommend her."

Jason Newton, Writer


April 16, 2020
Interview in VoyageLA Magazine
Read about my story, my creative journey, my struggles and successes, and the work I love to do in VoyageLA Magazine. 
Committing to Ourselves, Our Creativity, and Collective Justice with Nisha ModyHEAL + LIBERATE
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Removing Judgmental Thoughts from Emotional Trauma with Nisha ModyThe Savvy Creative
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My session with Nisha was outstanding. I really felt heard, and she’d taken the time to explore my past writing to get up-to-speed on where I needed help. She gave me actionable suggestions so that I could begin on the path to revising my book right away. But more than anything, she inspired me to keep going and to explore ideas that I hadn’t previously considered. After the session, I felt relieved and ready to get back at my first draft - and that’s after almost a decade of shelving it.

Alexa Fukuoka, Writer

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